Jon & Kat Columbia, SC Wedding

I first met Kat and her mom, Lisa, at this awesome little spot on Main Street downtown.  I had never heard of it, but immediately thought that it was nice to meet somewhere other than the classic coffee shop.  We hit it off immediately and it seemed like we had known each other for years.

The wedding was at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in downtown Columbia (which photographs beautifully.)

Kat’s dress was to die for- she looked absolutely stunning!


The design of this church is absolutely breath taking- natural light every where!

How adorable are they?!

The reception followed at Phillip’s Market Center at the new SC Farmers Market.  It was beautifully decorated and was an awesome place! There was tons of dancing, laughing and good times had by all who attended.  Thank you so much, Kat and Jon for letting me join you on such a beautiful day! ❤

Wedding Coordinator|  JWK Weddings

Ceremony Venue | St. Peter’s Catholic Church

Reception Venue | Phillips Market Center

Photographer | Nikki Morgan Photography

Florist | By Design Florist

Rentals | Something Borrowed

DJ | DJ Marty B

Live Musician | Jon Rooks,

Cake | My Dessert Bar

Caterer/Bar Service | Sam Henderson



Shop like a Pinup Girl

Alright my Pinup Queens…..You asked for it and now you’ve got it!

I’ve scoured the internet for some of the best Pinup Girl outfit inspiration, clothing, swimwear, and accessories available to purchase right now. Let’s all give a round of applause for Amazon and Etsy because they own this market.

No matter your pinup look of choice – I’ve found something for you. Links to each item featured here are displayed below the image. Happy shopping!

Rockabilly Rebel

Think a whole lotta spice with this tough girl look. Black and red are your go-to colors.

Rockabilly (1)


Rockabilly shopping

Black Bardot Crop Top / Gingham High Waist Capri Pants / Black Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses / Red Head Wrap / Gingham Ruffle Bardot Crop Top / Red Heart Sunglasses / Red High Waist Capri Pants


Class and sass, ladies. Class. And. Sass.


Ladylike Shopping

Red and White Gingham Dress / Black and White Dot with Floral Print Dress / Navy Sailor Dress / Blue and White Stripe Dress / Navy and White Dot Dress / Yellow Bardot Dress / Red and White Dot Skirt / Black Trumpet Skirt / Tulle Underskirt / Black with Cherries Pencil Skirt

Beach Bombshell

Bring your bikinis and we’ll bring a beach ball.

Beach Bombshell

Beach shopping

Orange and White Monokini / Cream and Black Ruffle Bikini / Pink and Leopard Bow Bikini / Red and Navy Dot Bikini / Pink Pineapple Head Wrap / Cream Pineapple Head Wrap / Starfish Hair Clips / Red Floral Hair Comb / Pink Pineapple Shorts

I hope you found this helpful in your hunt for the perfect Pinup outfit. Stay tuned for more information about accessories and props!

Hugs, Kisses, and Pinup Wishes!

Nikki, Owner of Cola City Boudoir

P.S. The images used in this post are for inspiration only – they are not my photographs.
P.S.S. I am not affiliated with Amazon and Etsy and do not earn a commission if you purchase the items linked here.

Video: Buzzfeed staffers did a Pinup Girl photo shoot and they are all of us.

buzzfeed video image
Tania Safi for BuzzFeed

Many of my clients have been asking for some outfit inspiration for the upcoming Pinup Girl shoot at Cola City Boudoir. So, when I came across this video from Buzzfeed – I just had to share!

The video provides great inspiration for pinup clothing and props – but an unexpected bonus is the emotional journey that each of the women in the video experienced. They (just as many of my own clients) start out uncertain, nervous, and feeling not-so-great about themselves. Then after transforming into the role they will be portraying, their new looks are unveiled. The looks on their faces are just everything.  

This is why I love my job – when shooting boudoir or pinup photography, I get to help women experience their own ‘aha’ moment – A moment when they realize or remember how gosh darn fabulous they are.

Love, love, love 🙂

Click over to Buzzfeed to read the full article and find inspo pictures here, or watch the action unfold here: / via Buzzfeed

Stay tuned for more Pinup Girl inspiration. I can’t wait to show you everything Cola City Boudoir has in store for June 3rd!

Hugs, kisses, and pinup wishes!

– Nikki, owner of Cola City Boudoir

P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts! Tell me in the comments which of the 4 Buzzfeed looks were your favorite.

Welcome to Cola City Boudoir!


Welcome to Cola City  Boudoir

Welcome to Cola City Boudoir- The Premier Boudoir Experience in the Capital City!

Nikki Morgan Photography is excited to announce our brand of female portraiture – Cola City Boudoir.

Cola City Boudoir highlights your sensual side while keeping your look classic and natural.

Our mission is to help you to embrace your femininity at your most vulnerable state.

Boudoir photography can remind you of the “you” that you’ve forgotten.

It’s empowering. It’s bold. And it’s authentically you.

To learn more about your experience, please visit our website!


Pinup Photography at Cola City Boudoir


What is Pinup with Nikki Morgan?

Well, ladies – it is gosh-darn awesome, that’s what!
1. It’s a throwback to a bygone age of sass and class.
Transform yourself into the famed beauties of the past. Do you dream of the days of old Hollywood glamour or a prohibition- era speakeasy? Are there visions of pearls and champagne glasses dancing through your head? Or are you the quintessential Pinup girl – a Rosie the Riveter, a bikini-clad temptress, or 1950s Rockabilly gal? Pinup Photography at Cola City Boudoir will transport you to whatever “past” tickles your fancy.
2. It’s not Boudoir.
Although boudoir certainly has it’s sexy time and place, you don’t have to undress to make them say “ooh la la!”. Rather than sultry and sensual, the style is much more playful. It’s flirty. It’s upbeat. It’s fresh. This photoshoot is about your style – and you can be as covered up (or not) as you want to be.
3. It’s for every – BODY.
Feeling a little camera shy? Well, just stop that madness right now. Two words. Marylin. Monroe. This volumptuous size 12, famous for her dangerous curves, is one of the most celebrated Pinup gals in history. Capture your inner bombshell, I shall – whether you’re a Cross-Fitter, a new mommy, a bodacious babe, or anything else in between. Everyone has a little va-va- voom, some just need a little coaxing.
4. It’s all about the props (bout the props, bout the props – no treble).
A proper Pinup girl wouldn’t dare to be without great props. Think retro. The sky is the limit here – bubble gum, vintage Coca-cola bottles, cat-eye glasses, soda shop counter stools, milkshakes, old fashioned suitcases, high-waisted bikinis, bicycles, picnic baskets, vintage stockings, cameras, pearls…anything goes!
5. It’s hair and makeup.
When it comes to perfect Pinup Photography – hair and makeup are a gal’s best friend. Think red lipstick, swoopy curls, exaggerated brows, and pencil drawn beauty marks. My team of glamazons have more than a few retro tricks up their sleeves to transform you into a proper Cola City Pinup Queen.
Hugs and Kisses, and Pinup Wishes to my lovelies!
– Nikki, owner of Cola City Boudoir
P.S. I’d love to know what you would want to wear for your upcoming pinup shoot!

Bridal Session at Historic Church in Cheraw


If you are seeing these photos it means Kate and Taylor tied the knot and it’s finally ok to share with you all!   Kate picked St. David’s Episcopal Church in Cheraw, SC for her bridal session and it was so unique!

Her dress looked absolutely beautiful next to the white pews.  Aren’t they cool?!

Kate picked the picture above for her bridal portrait!

And as much as I LOVED the inside of the church, we had to add a little color!

Location: St David’s Episcopal Church

Dress: Evelyn’s Bridal & Formal Wear

Flowers: Kevin Lear On Main

Carlos + Teresa Engagement Session

“Our love story began on December 23, 2009. I always asked God to send me someone who would love and respect me, and that is exactly what he did. That night I met the most amazing person in the World and every day that pasted I fell more and more in love with her kindness, love, and compassion. Every day I felt more convinced that she was the women God had chosen for me. With time we not only became girlfriend and boyfriend but best friends, willing to help and look after each other. 7 years later, after we accomplished many of our life goals, I asked this amazing person with all the nervousness in the World if she would be willing to spend the rest of her life with me.” – Juan Carlos
“Nuestro amor comenso el 23 de Diciembre del 2009. Yo siempre le pedi a Dios una mujer que me amara y me respetara y me lo iso realidad. Ese dia conosi ala persona mas maravillosa del mundo y cada dia que la conosia me enamoraba mucho mas de su noblesa, cariño, y comprension. Cada ves me sentia mas seguro de que ella era la mujer que Dios habia escojido para mi. Con el tiempo no solo eramos novios sino los mejores amigos dispuestos ayudarnos mutuamente uno al otro y despues de 7 anos, despues de haber cumplido la mayoria de nuestras metas le dije a esa persona maravillosa con todo el nerviosismo del mundo que si estaba dispuesta acompartir el resto de su vida conmigo.”–Juan Carlos
“December 23, 2009 was the day that we met. We danced the night away. We barely spoke. I never imagined that that night I had met the person I would spend the rest of my life with. We started to get to know each other and I was very impressed. He treated me how girls dream of being treated. He would open my door, gave me flowers, gave me advice, encouraged me, respected  me, and demonstrated how much he loved me. On January 19, 2010 we started dating. February 14, 2017, 7 years later, we got engaged. I have always heard of the phrase, “I am marrying my best friend”, and God knows that this is truly the case for us. If I could define the perfect boyfriend, and now fiancé it would be him.” –Teresa
“Nos conocimos el 23 de Diciembre del 2009. Esa noche, nos las pasamos bailando. No crusamos más que unas palabras. Nunca me imaginé que ese día había encontrado la persona con quien queria compartir el resto de mi vida. Nos empesamos a conocer y me impresiono mucho. Me trataba como creo muchas desarian ser tratadas. Era un caballero en todo sentido. Desde que me abría la puerta del coche, me regalaba flores, me aconsejaba, animaba, respetaba y demostraba un amor inmenso. En Enero 19, del 2010 nos hisimos novios. En febrero 14, 2017, 7 años después, nos comprometimos.Siempre e escuchado la frase, “Me caso con mi mejor amigo”, y Dios sabe que esa frase es realmente lo que demuestra nuestro amor. Se pudiera decir que he encontrado el novio perfecto, y ahora mi prometido.” –Tere