It was a Saturday morning and I was checking all of my equipment one last time before getting on the road to Beaufort, when my phone started ringing. A frantic bride was on the other end explaining to me how her venue had changed for the day, without having any idea of what was going on, I reassured the bride that it wouldn’t be a problem and that everything would still be beautiful and amazing. I came up with all kinds of wild stories in my head the whole drive down there totally expecting things to be in disarray, but what I saw when I got there was actually the exact opposite! Courtney and Chad had rented out a house planning to have their wedding in the backyard overlooking the waterway, but when it came time for the rehearsal dinner, the owner of the house informed them that he had changed his mind and that the wedding could not take place at the house they had rented. A family friend immediately got on the phone and reached out to a contact in on the Beaufort town council. The whole city of Beaufort came together to ensure this couple had the most amazing day- the mayor even came by to check on them! I was totally blown away by how everyone came together. I already thought Beaufort was amazingly beautiful, but that old city stole my heart that day!


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