Pinup Photography at Cola City Boudoir


What is Pinup with Nikki Morgan?

Well, ladies – it is gosh-darn awesome, that’s what!
1. It’s a throwback to a bygone age of sass and class.
Transform yourself into the famed beauties of the past. Do you dream of the days of old Hollywood glamour or a prohibition- era speakeasy? Are there visions of pearls and champagne glasses dancing through your head? Or are you the quintessential Pinup girl – a Rosie the Riveter, a bikini-clad temptress, or 1950s Rockabilly gal? Pinup Photography at Cola City Boudoir will transport you to whatever “past” tickles your fancy.
2. It’s not Boudoir.
Although boudoir certainly has it’s sexy time and place, you don’t have to undress to make them say “ooh la la!”. Rather than sultry and sensual, the style is much more playful. It’s flirty. It’s upbeat. It’s fresh. This photoshoot is about your style – and you can be as covered up (or not) as you want to be.
3. It’s for every – BODY.
Feeling a little camera shy? Well, just stop that madness right now. Two words. Marylin. Monroe. This volumptuous size 12, famous for her dangerous curves, is one of the most celebrated Pinup gals in history. Capture your inner bombshell, I shall – whether you’re a Cross-Fitter, a new mommy, a bodacious babe, or anything else in between. Everyone has a little va-va- voom, some just need a little coaxing.
4. It’s all about the props (bout the props, bout the props – no treble).
A proper Pinup girl wouldn’t dare to be without great props. Think retro. The sky is the limit here – bubble gum, vintage Coca-cola bottles, cat-eye glasses, soda shop counter stools, milkshakes, old fashioned suitcases, high-waisted bikinis, bicycles, picnic baskets, vintage stockings, cameras, pearls…anything goes!
5. It’s hair and makeup.
When it comes to perfect Pinup Photography – hair and makeup are a gal’s best friend. Think red lipstick, swoopy curls, exaggerated brows, and pencil drawn beauty marks. My team of glamazons have more than a few retro tricks up their sleeves to transform you into a proper Cola City Pinup Queen.
Hugs and Kisses, and Pinup Wishes to my lovelies!
– Nikki, owner of Cola City Boudoir
P.S. I’d love to know what you would want to wear for your upcoming pinup shoot!

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