Video: Buzzfeed staffers did a Pinup Girl photo shoot and they are all of us.

buzzfeed video image
Tania Safi for BuzzFeed

Many of my clients have been asking for some outfit inspiration for the upcoming Pinup Girl shoot at Cola City Boudoir. So, when I came across this video from Buzzfeed – I just had to share!

The video provides great inspiration for pinup clothing and props – but an unexpected bonus is the emotional journey that each of the women in the video experienced. They (just as many of my own clients) start out uncertain, nervous, and feeling not-so-great about themselves. Then after transforming into the role they will be portraying, their new looks are unveiled. The looks on their faces are just everything.  

This is why I love my job – when shooting boudoir or pinup photography, I get to help women experience their own ‘aha’ moment – A moment when they realize or remember how gosh darn fabulous they are.

Love, love, love 🙂

Click over to Buzzfeed to read the full article and find inspo pictures here, or watch the action unfold here: / via Buzzfeed

Stay tuned for more Pinup Girl inspiration. I can’t wait to show you everything Cola City Boudoir has in store for June 3rd!

Hugs, kisses, and pinup wishes!

– Nikki, owner of Cola City Boudoir

P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts! Tell me in the comments which of the 4 Buzzfeed looks were your favorite.


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